Why the Electric Car Industry is Going in the Wrong Direction

Over the years I have encountered massive amounts of information concerning technology, energy, and where the money is going especially concerning the electric car industry.

We have numerous car manufacturers that have introduced the hybrid car, which is a gas / electric combination that increases fuel efficiency. Basically, the gas engine (and other charging mechanisms) charges the batteries, and the electric motor drives the wheels. This has increased the efficiency in some vehicles to 40+ MPG. To me this only shows just how inefficient gas engines are, despite the many years these manufacturers have had to build a better and more efficient engine.

Now we have companies like Tesla Motors, even Virgin, not only selling or going to be selling electric cars, but are building an entire industry and infrastructure around it. Take Tesla Motors for example. They build very few cars compared to the gas counterpart, a small percentage in the grand scheme of things, yet they decided to build a factory that will produce more batteries. That’s just what we need, more batteries in our landfills (I don’t care what kind of recycling program they plan to have, these will end up in the dump)! Step one in the wrong direction.

Tesla Motors is also building a charging infrastructure, spending billions on ensuring that there are enough charging stations between locations so that their cars can reach destinations not normally possible with an electric car. While this is a potential solution to the problem, it is however an industry built around profit and will soon be wasted infrastructure. Why, you ask? Well, you either have a goal of increasing the range of the cars with better engines and batteries, or you build an infrastructure supporting short range cars. Having both is a complete waste of resources. The fact that Tesla Motors can push a software update, and you now can drive x more miles, is very suspicious. Step two in the wrong direction.

The reality is, there are technologies out there that will turn the billions of dollars spent on the wasteful battery factory and the massive charging infrastructure into a complete waste of money. What are these technologies? Well, that’s the strange part, no one seems to care. Elon certainly doesn’t want to hear about it, nor do any of the other billionaires. So answer me this, if you were an electric car tycoon, and happen to come across a potential technology based on quantum physics that allows for a significant increase in energy output for your cars, thus making their range practically infinite, what would you do? Step three in the wrong direction.

Since such technology renders the plans for profit completely useless, they will ignore such technology because, one, they don’t believe it exists, or two, they are already aware of such tech and will do just enough to make sure it doesn’t make it to market.