The Energy of the Future is Coming Soon


Imagine for a moment that all your mobile devices such as your phone, tablet, laptop, etc continue to be powered without charging it.  Imagine your life at home, where your home is always powered and warm even while there is a massive snowstorm when you would normally expect a power outage.  Imagine your car, now an electric car, able to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers without fuel or external charging.

This kind of technology is very possible and we will see this kind of technology enter the market very soon.  One particular company in Ireland has fortunately been able to spend significant resources into researching an anomalous effect with magnetism.  Steorn has begun a low key field test of one of their mechanical charging devices by allowing people to charge their phones in a pub, delivering a constant 2 amps.   It’s been about 3 days so far and they have already charged a fair number of phones, much more than any battery inside the box could possibly provide.  This is just the beginning, and we can expect more because Steorn’s tech is not only mechanical but solid state as well.

To give you some perspective on this, I was one of the few people that was privy to learning about Steorn’s technology through their SKDB.  I won’t go into exact details of what I learned and tested, but I will say that Steorn’s technology is legit.  I say it’s legit because I was able to build and test the concepts I learned.  The tests I did validated that there is an anomaly with magnetism, time, and space, and we have found a way to exploit it.  Here we are many years later, and they appear to be prepared to go public with their latest technology (note that at time of writing their web site is but a simple blank page).

Given that I have the knowledge and understanding on how to build such technology, the “holy grail” of unlimited energy so to speak, that I should be knee deep in funds and resources building the same technology.  Unfortunately, despite my efforts and building a proof of concept device, no one cares nor believes in this technology.  There are massive amounts of knee-jerk reactions to this kind of technology, and it’s partly due to so many other failed technology with similar claims in the past including Steorn’s own failure, but that should not be the premise by which to dismiss a demonstrable anomaly that seems to defy our current understanding of the universe.  The arrogance of the scientific community and the attitudes of certain investors are appalling.  Regardless of what they think, we can now tap into the massive amount of energy that Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla talked about, also known as zero point energy and there is no stopping it!

The point behind this article is simply to put it on record that this tech is coming, I have had the knowledge and understanding to build and develop this awesome technology, but was rejected by so many investors and investment groups because I wasn’t already filthy rich to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a prototype.  My hope is that they keep their funds in the oil industry and all the other alternative energy “ideas” (including Elon’s stupid Powerwall) because they all will surely tank.  The risk of ignorance and arrogance will cause them to lose more money than if they risked it with 0% return.